Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fill it up again! Fill it up again! Once it hits your lips, it's so good!

So I've started a little something my dear gay likes to refer to as 'The Dub Dub.'
That's right folks - Kelly's on WEIGHT WATCHERS! It sounds much worse than it sounds like a bunch of overweight old people sitting around discussing how they walked 5 more minutes around the office today rather than eating a donut, for which they in turn receive a reward star sticker from the WW teacher. Oh wait - that's exactly what it is.

But in all fairness, The Dub Dub has treated me quite well thusfar. In the three weeks I've been point-counting, I'm already halfway to the goal I set myself to accomplish by the end of April. Not bad, brothas and sistas! Of course I'd appreciate SEEING where the weight was leaving my body, preferably in the fatty fat tum tum and boobity boob areas. But for now I can deal with a slightly less-tipped scale, and yearn longingly for the day I can see past the ladies to my feet.

Besides my daily point allowance, I also get flexy points to use any time during the week, which are generally reserved for cocktails and chips and salsa. (I know what you're thinking: you want my life. I'm sorry, but it's mine, and you just can't have it.) And truthfully, the Lean Cuisines for dinner are totally worth it for the whiskey diets I get afterwards. (I KNOW, I'm sorry, I'll stop teasing you with the culinary delights and lonely binge drinking that fill my life.)

This picture made me uncomfortable. How 'bout you?

The best part about this program is that exercise gets you more points. More points equals more food, or in my case, more BEER. For example, a one-hour yoga class earns me about one beer, but snowboarding for 3 hours gets me FOUR! Hot DAMN! Get me on the SLOPES! I'm earning sips of frosty bevs while I kick it to the iPodular tunes of Lykke Li and Lisa Loeb! I mean...Kelly Clarkson. I mean...

But it is kind of exciting knowing that while I'm lifting my lil hand weights and crunching my stomach, not only am I (hopefully) sculpting the hottest body on this side desk, but I'm also ensuring that one more round of beer circuits this weekend won't kick me off the proverbial wagon. Hey, at least I'm at the gym, right?

So essentially...I'm working out for beer. And I've never been more motivated.